Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Wojciech

Insanely delicious lemon garlic brussel sprouts.

from lemon seeds. Lemon leaves smell so good.

from lemon seeds. Lemon leaves smell so good.

Check out this funny and adorable photo of two bowls of curry stew with little rice men taking happy baths, on NickMom.com!

Fully constructed of stone and timber, this Teton Village lodge home sits perfectly on the slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Inside, massive stone walls create division without taking away from the [m

In underground home designs, this unusual house plan is the collaboration between the Netherlands architects at SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. This underground home, located in the Swiss village of Vals, is set amidst a cluster of mountain houses and if you don’t look carefully you might miss it!

Tenkawa Mountain, in the Namego Valley, Nara prefecture, Kanshai region, on the main island of Honshū, Japan. Photo via besttravelphotos. The village of Tenkawa (天川) has a hidden historic spot at the foot of Mount Omine; it is one of the homes of the ancient Japanese mountain religion, 'Shugendo,' and is registered as a World Heritage site. Ascetic rituals are still practiced there.

William C. Beall Faith and Confidence, 1958 A policeman speaks to a young boy at a parade in Washington, D.C. for the Washington Daily News. 1958 Pulitzer Prize for Photography