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I think this represents each of them perfectly. Piper who looks accepting of her fate, Hazel, ready and won't give up, Annabeth, resigned and Reyna who is terrified and tired of hiding it.

Ladies of Olympus. I love how the first three are looking up all hopeful like their gifts are generally good then renya at the bottom has been burdened so much by her gift, you can see the weight of it on her shoulders.

I do! I do ship Reynico!!!!!

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"We are monster fighters" "We won't fail you, like your family did" "We are your family now" "Promise"

Annabeth Chase / Luke Castellan / Thalia Grace art by the incomparable Viria! I will NOT stop posting Viria's art. She is too amazing. <-----who doesn't like viria!

Rose and Scorpius. I literally had no idea this was a thing until a couple day's ago!

Uhmmm I think Rose would almost always pay attention in class. But I like that Scorp is looking at her< it was said that while rose did inherit her mother's smarts, she inherited her fathers personality and appetite so this makes sense to me.