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I drew this one a while ago, back in late February/early March. Poptarts are my comfort food haha. Small detail but I love it when people color Kenny’s jacket and pants two different shades of orange,.

Kids -South Park <<< Okay this makes me really happy because they added in some of the minor characters that've only appeared a few times and that makes me so happy I love it uvu

runmonsterun: “ I had a lot of fun doing this I had like five police car refs when finally I was like fuck this I’ll make it up lmfao. Also I always feel cool when I find clever ways to add my username because I never sign my stuff >H> **ALSO ITS.

South Park, Parks, Park, Parkas

my freckled baby,, ;

i'm crying look at ike's face << NO IKE, LOVE YOUR BIG BRO

I keep trying to hunt down this artist but I can’t find anything. I just really love the art style