Nathalie Levittoux

Nathalie Levittoux

Nathalie Levittoux
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Brandy ♥ Melville |  Rosay Yosemite Top - Graphics

Soft cotton tee in white with Yosemite graphic printed in red. Fabrics: Measurements: 25 inches length, 18 inches bust Made in: Ital

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Take a leap into new adventures and leave your phone behind. Rock this vintage-inspired, bohemian dress for free-spirited times ahead. - Shirred peplum at empire waist.

Plants, vinyl, macrame... what's not to love

I think we need to find something like this, so the receiver for the record player sits underneath and looks a little better.

pictures + magazine pages = free wallpaper. no brainer

Photos as wallpaper- fun! Couch has different colred pillows and patterns. Don't like blanket and don't want as bright of colors overall. Multicolored pillows are good. Couch style I like but idk if its what i want with the room i am visioning