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three pictures of people with different facial expressions
Vatanim Sensin
Hilal Leon
a young man with blue eyes wearing a fur coat
Character portrait, game of thrones, dnd, dungeons and dragons
a woman with long hair and armor on a boat in the ocean, looking off into the distance
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of a snowy mountain area with snow on the ground
Kaer Trolde
an image of people standing in the snow with aurora lights above them and some ice formations
Game Of Thrones Larne quarry film set could be our wonderwall: MP
How the ice wall appears in Game Of Thrones.The colossal Game Of Thrones ice wall could become a permanent fixture in Northern Ireland.The 300-mile barrier defending the realm from Wildlings, White Walkers and giants in the popular fantasy series is actually a disused cement works (Magheramorne Quarry) in Co Antrim overlooking the Irish Sea.Now local councillors want HBO to leave the set behind once filming ends.
an image of a woman and a cat in the background with text that reads legend crittes
Just me : Photos
a woman with a mask on her face is standing in front of water and looking at the camera
Fire keeper
a woman with white hair holding a lit candle in her hand and wearing a crown