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Our Insta Fav of the week is Teresa Freitas, a girl from Portugal, whose biggest source of inspiration is the sea. She’s living quite close to the ocean that is frequently appearing in her surreal images. Unlike our usual Insta Favs is Teresa Freitas’s output far from reality, she indulges in imaginative scenes featuring stars, dust and colorful spots. Enjoy the following Q&A and don’t miss out on visiting her feed for more.  Follow: @teresacfreitas Where are you from? How does that place...

Teresa Freitas is a talented photographer and industrial designer based in Porto, Portugal. She shoots a lot of fine art, portrait and street photography.

I have no idea the source or the subject of this photograph, but it's beautiful in every way.

Jessie] I laugh as I blow the smoke out. I started smoking weed again. Wasn't the best idea but it was helping.