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the inside of a greenhouse with lots of plants
The Green Way
indoor / outdoor #conservatorygreenhouse
a bed with white sheets and pillows in a bedroom next to a window filled with plants
a bathroom with black and white checkered flooring next to a bathtub in the corner
M O D E R N A B A D ⬛️ on Instagram: “A great mix of materials & colours in this bathroom designed by KG Interior. Loved by M O D E R N A B A D ⬛️”
an old bathtub sits in the corner of a rustic bathroom with wooden walls and flooring
a bed sitting in the middle of a room next to a table and chair with plants on it
Design Addict Mom
Pretty textiles, color, and plants in this bohemian bedroom
a living room with white walls and wooden beams on the ceiling, a gray sectional sofa sits in front of a coffee table
Visual Storyteller & Stylist on Instagram: “Morning! Onderweg naar de academie voor een dagje school. Zo fijn dat ik naast m’n werk elke week weer nieuwe dingen in m’n vakgebied…”
a mirror that has some plants in it
dept of interiors
an old fashioned bathtub in a dark bathroom with flowers on the floor and a radiator next to it
Arrêt sur image
Idée table bistro dans salle de bain next to old bathtub
a table topped with potted plants next to a wall
A strong environmental ethic is implemented in the manufacture of these soft wool blankets, the makers are able to trace the provenance of all the lambswool used back to the individual farmer meaning they can ensure the finest quality, whilst caring for the sheep and the planet.