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an angel with white wings and a star above it
a statue of an angel sitting on top of a stone slab with its wings spread
Ethereal Angel Sculpture Appears to Effortlessly Float Above the Ground
Inspiration, People, Laying In Bed, Sleeping Women, Bed Top View, Photo Reference, Bed Rest, Under Bed, Poses
"Woman On The Bed" by Stocksy Contributor "Alexey Kuzma"
a woman is laying in the grass with her hands on her head and flowers all around her
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Svetlana Bekyarova WOMAN LYING IN WILD FLOWERS Women
an underwater scene with fish and plants in the water
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Lily Harvest by Chuck Larivey Oil ~ 56 x 36
a woman in a white dress under water
Reaching the surface in a white dress
the water is full of lily pads and plants with long stems sticking out of them
an oil painting of the crucifix with clouds and sun rays coming through it
Radiance-Spiritual Angel Art-Original Oil Painting by Marina Petro