6. His: I want you more after I’ve been with her. I want to wash the taste of her out of my mouth. I want you on my breath. My parents know. Dad just shakes his head. Mom won’t even look at me. They love you. I love you. Or at least I would if I knew how.

I brought you daffodils on a pretty string, But they won't flower like they did last spring." - Tom Odell "Another Love"

Tom Odell // Seriously guys, if you haven't listened to him yet you need to go YouTube him RIGHT NOW. Listen to 'Another Love' or 'Hold Me' or basically any/all of his songs.. He's beyond amazing. I'm not over exaggerating.

Why am I even watching the Brit awards? How can Bastille beat my perfect Tom Odell?

Tom Odell (@tompeterodell) | Twitter

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tomodellsarms: “God bless Dougall uploading this ”

Why, sparrow, why? | won't you tell me why I'm sad? | sing us both a melody, the best that you can

Tom Odell is going to play at Caribana and I have tickets to go see him! :D I literally can't wait!