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Ruki Mukami 【Diabolik Lovers More Blood】

So, Diabolik Lovers Scenarios, Female!Reader (Maybe one-shots if I'm … # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

diabolik lovers family father mother anime so cute ^^

diabolik lovers family father mother anime so cute ^^ xD shu kids do the same thing as him sleep and I like ayato ayato Jr is eating all the food


Manga: Haikyuu// I only watched the anime and I loved it so much! It brought me to tears it made me laugh etc truly amazing (I love sport movies, series, anime etc. I'm a really competitive person😂 so I bet the Manga is dope too

And that's why I wear headbands when playing basketball *smirks* calm down, Bakagami

my gif fave kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket Kuroko Tetsuya kagakuro kagami taiga knb knbgif popgif MY FAVORITE PART WAS ANIMATED imayoshishouichi

Kuroko no basuke - I've heard from a friend that it's really like this! =P

XD Kuroko no Basuke<<There's a big difference between English and American English.<< no the japanese just learn extremely formal english

I laughed harder than i should have xD

“I must go, my planet needs me!" Hahahahaha, this is perfect, I swear he doesn't even look like he jumped, just startes to levitate lol