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mass effect andromeda | The Crew

Mass Effect: Andromeda's BioWare Montreal merges with EA Motive: Recently BioWare have made a lot of headlines. First, Mass Effect lead…

ArtStation - Pathfinder armor Mass Effect Andromeda, Anton Krasko

Hello everyone, this is my model, a character fanart from the game Mass Effect, I really like this game and its world, Enjoy

Dragon Age Inquisition_ Let's make cookies by Agregor

Sera and Sarah. I started to replay Dragon Age: Inquisition. There is my new character Sarah Lavellan. They have a lot of common with Sera. Music t. Dragon Age Inquisition_ Let's make cookies


Can someone translate what sombra is saying? And dear god, "you can't hack the sun sombra" killed me. Maybe the moon because it looks mechanical, I noticed that in the dragons animated shot.