Balthasar Denner, ‘A Girl in a Straw Hat’ 1723

Denner, Balthasar - 1723 A Girl in a Straw Hat (Tate Gallery, London)

Balthasar Denner (look at that skin!!)

Balthasar Denner (look at that skin!

Balthasar Denner (1685—1749)

Balthasar Denner (German painter) 1685 - 1749 Head of a Woman with a Veil, s. oil on canvas 37 x 32 cm.

Balthasar Denner. Alte Frau mit goldgelbem Kopftuch

Balthasar Denner. Alte Frau mit goldgelbem Kopftuch

Denner, Balthasar: Portrait of Friedrich Hoffmann, 1726

Balthasar Denner, Title: Portrait of Friedrich Hoffmann, Date Medium: oil on canvas, Dimensions: × cm × in), Current location: Hermitage Museum

Balthasar Denner (1685 - 1749) Portrait of an Old woman c. 1720

Balthasar Denner, Portrait of an Old Woman, Hermitage, St. Petersburg Once again, a brilliant artist can capture beauty in a face where other people don't believe it exists.