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“This male humpback whale spent over an hour playing in the water and interacting around me, putting on an incredible show for the camera,” writes photographer Beau Pilgrim, who captured this amazing underwater image.

There are only about 6,000 humpback whales left in the oceans. (scheduled via

There are only about humpback whales left in the oceans. In the early whaling was very popular & over whales were killed. Commercial whaling has been banned since the late & currently whaling has been minimized significantly.

is a Shark a mammal or fish? That is the question that is perhaps most commonly asked when talking about sharks. Since sharks give birth to pups, and a few species lay eggs, the common consensus is that sharks are mammals. Across the board, though, 70% of all sharks give birth, while the remaining 30% lay eggs. Sharks are actually fish, which is sure to be a surprise to many.

Southern Right Whale eye - ******************Киты*******************

mother humpback and her calf. photos by bryant austin and flip nicklin.

nubbsgalore: ““whales challenges us to reevaluate our perceptions of intelligent, conscious life on this planet.