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Just as in this picture, Alice will start her adventure in a very realistic, small part of the world. However, once she falls down the rabbit hole, everything will change. The unimaginable will happen. The whole world will be right under her feet. She just has to look a little bit harder to see it clearly.
Angel-kiyoss: "$ ωε † δrεαʍ $ "
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Men with cats. Antonio Banderas with ginger cat. Perhaps inspiration for his Puss n Boots role.
Fairy kitty  Maria Lucia is a digital artist in dA. She has done a marvelous job to create a series of cute and sweet animals with her unique photo-manipulation digital art skill. Her work is immersed with moon color, fantasy, and a complete focus on detail.
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8 Cute Photos of Cats
"Did I really see what I thought I just saw?"