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How to read if someone is lying to you. I'm glad I'm not an interrogator who has to employ these skills. I prefer to trust people however I can certainly see the benefit in knowing these.

How To Spot A Liar [INFOGRAPHIC] ~TA: Interesting . a lot of it is true, though hard to assess. I think they are wrong about liars not looking you in the eye. There are often other reasons someone won't look you in the eye. A liar is jus

Well, I think there's a bit of cultural flexibility in this. 19 would piss me off and probably annoy most Brits, I've tried 8. which doesn't really work for me. Although 22 seems to be okay for the most part. Will have to remember to try the rest.

Funny pictures about Psychological Lifehacks To Give You An Advantage. Oh, and cool pics about Psychological Lifehacks To Give You An Advantage. Also, Psychological Lifehacks To Give You An Advantage photos.

Survival skill

Determine remaining daylight on your hand. Use this simple trick to measure the remaining daylight without a watch. Count the finger widths between the sun and the horizon. Each finger is equivalent to 15 minutes, with each hand totaling an hour.

I suck at this.  I get tickled because I can't ever think of a word that begins with the appropriate letter.  I make strange sounds trying to come up with a good word and then I picture the other person on the phone rolling their eyes and getting impatient knowing how retarded I sound then I get tickled which probably makes me sound crazy too. Lol

the-bantersaurus: robotcosmonaut: Military Phonetic Alphabet via itinerantdispatches brb memorizing my dad always uses this on the phone and stuff haha perks of being a policeman’s daughter I had to learn this for work!