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Warszawa, Polska  ·  Znajdź kogoś kto zrobi to za Ciebie. Zlecaj swoje zadania, na które nie masz czasu lub ochoty, sprawdzonym i bezpiecznym wykonawcom z Twojej okolicy.
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Może coś szalonego? Sporty ekstremalne.

Cerro Negro- Racing down an active ft volcano at speeds of 50 mph with only a board for protection is considered by many thrill-seeking sports fanatics as the coolest sport around.

Domek w lesie?

reading in a room with a view : pinner wrote ~ I took this one afternoon while I was staying in the mountains. It was really cold and rainy outside and I was reading one of my favourite books while listening to lovely music.


The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The steamy waters are part of a lava formation. The spa is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwestern Iceland.