Embossing rolling pin with Folk Heart pattern. My design patterns inspired by Skandynavian folk. Its a perfect idea for a gift, not only for

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Kurpie is one of a number of ethnic regions in central Poland, noted for its unique traditional customs, Fantastic design patterns inspired by

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Polish folk pattern - Parzenica - pattern characteristic for the Polish highlanders. Embossing Rolling pin, Engraved rolling pin

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Polish folk pattern - Cassubia (Kaszëbë) region of northwestern Poland. Embossing Rolling pin, engraved rolling pin

Fantastic design patterns inspired by Polish folk, Can you feel it ? ;) It's a perfect idea for a gift, not only for confectioners ;) The handmade rolling pin is made of European beech wood and has 16,9" (43 cm) in length along with handles, and the work-surface length is 10” (25,5 cm). and 2.4" (6 cm) in diameter, weight about 600 gr. They are perfectly safe for use with food. Each pin is custom-made, hence there may be slight differences between the actual rolling pin and the photo. The…

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