Magda Bajerska

Magda Bajerska

Poland / “Simplicity is the essence of happiness.” - Cedric Bledsoe
Magda Bajerska
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Concrete Planter Options

I'd love to make a giant one of these for next to the fire pit.Homemade Modern DIY Concrete Planter Options filled with soda and water.

DIY personalized thrift store glasses

I kind of love this- Personalize thrift store glasses. Spell out a name w/ stickers. Tape off top and bottom. Dab acrylic paint lightly over the stickers and untaped area. Use glass etching cream.

These quaint little metal Twinings vintage tea tins have been reused as small herb pots. They make a cute set of windowsill planters. To avoid rust damage, sit metal tins on a tray to catch water from the drainage holes.

is this special or what.perfect for an herb window garden in the Kitchen. Tea cans it. My favorite remains Earl Grey, for the classic cup with a lemon spice Repurposed tea tins for herb garden