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Espécies diferentes de cascudo presentes nas corredeira do Rio Xingu. Essas espécies vivem nos fundos dos rios fixados nas pedras e troncos, são peixes presentes em água com correnteza

Summary: Ornamental fish aquaria are always an attractive add to your decoration design. Moreover, fish are marvelous pets that are liked by many. Are you planning on installing your first aquarium?


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Summary: Many people are delighted by keeping live and colorful tropical fish at their home. Countless species of fish are kept at home as pets. There are several Tropical fish online stores that sell tropical fish online.

What a beautiful male doublesword guppy!

Types of Guppies - Guppies are a very easy-to-breed fish species. They also adapt quickly to their environment and this is what makes them perfect for beginner aquarists.