Mirror... weird, but beautiful.


woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection. self-portrait of photographer Laura Williams, an artist from Cambridge, UK. The mirror illusion was achieved in post-production using Photoshop with the idea of being ‘invisible’ or ‘transparent’.

Heart shaped light blur photography

How to Make Hazy Photo Sandwich Bag Trick

Auriela Gliwski cut-out swimsuits to wraparound tops and antique-looking jewelry Lounging on a beach

Exclusive: Aurelia Gliwski by Cheyene Tillier-Daly in 'Castaway'

Photography Technique - plastic baggy surrounding lens to give diffuse 'dreamy' light.

How to Make Hazy Photo Sandwich Bag Trick

This not only is part of Equipment but it is also a Technique. Its also used to protect the camera as well. Photography tip - glowing light using a plastic bag around the lens

25 Creative Photo Manipulation works-6

25 Creative Photo Manipulation works done by Photoshop - Awesome collection

ART: Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson Well damn. There’s Photoshop experts and then there’s this guy. Swedish photographer Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible.


Fairy Poses-- love this! I never have a decent reference for the pose when drawing fairies!