Wojciech Liszka

Wojciech Liszka

Wojciech Liszka
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Wildwood Wisdom. Wilderness Living

This historical guide, originally written in includes information on making fires, canoeing, using axes and knives, and crafting shelters.

Primitive Living, Self-Sufficiency, and Survival Skills - A few good books  can always help.

Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills. Including wilderness survival & stone-age camping skills, primitive technology and nature awareness.

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival by Dave Canterbury http://www.amazon.com/dp/1440579776/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_q62Ptb1P0684KWJH

All the survival gear in the world isn't going to help you if you don't know how to use it. Penned by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury, Bushcraft A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival aims to make.