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Observations of the Fox: Map Drawing Tutorial 9: Old School Wilderness

Observations of the Fox: Map Drawing Tutorial Old School Wilderness

Yupp. This is the one. This is THE octopus tattoo I will have.

An ink drawing of a diver squid. With a multiliner pen on paper. Old diver helmets and tentacles always attracted me! We all need to get back to traditional old school pens and paper before its too late!

Really like this style of drawing the illustration through realistic qualities with the application of pencil media. Brings forth the richer qualities of 'retro' 'old school' style through to the eye. The style complements the conceptual icons of old school appliances, with the traditional treatment of drawing. All complementary elements which bring the conceptual, contextual and visual elements together strongly.

A cup of tea solves everything. I would seriously consider getting a cute, vintage, English style tea kettle representing my love for London.However, I dont particularly like tea. The only blend that Ive acquired a taste for is English Black Breakfast