Wojtek Malysz

Wojtek Malysz

Wojtek Malysz
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www.joyce.com I Special Feature I Inside the World of Rick Owens -- the horizontal lighting creates a type of barrier, maybe between two worlds, or freedom, its very powerful especially with the smoke and actors walking through it. More

Rick Owens fashion show. Fashion is a key element of our pop up department store, which has its own fashion department showcasing a range of innovative fashion and tailoring brands. The design of MULTIPLEX is inspired by silhouettes and dramatic lighting.

Gallery of Yanjiyou Bookstore / Karv One - 3

Image 3 of 34 from gallery of Yanjiyou Bookstore / Karv One. Photograph by Dick.

Venice Biennale 2012: Unmediated Democracy Demands Unmediated Space / Croatia Pavilion,© Nico Saieh

Image 6 of 6 from gallery of Venice Biennale Unmediated Democracy Demands Unmediated Space / Croatia Pavilion.