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three different colored pants with cutouts on the sides and one has an open back
Maddy Pants - FREE! | Valenttina Muniz
three dresses are shown in different colors and sizes, one is black, the other is white
Camille Dress ♡ | The sims 4 CC by -Valenttina Muniz
two women's sweaters are shown in the same color as each other,
Simple cardigan | euno sims
three different types of snowsuits hanging on a clothes line with the words puffer jacket
Sierra The Simmer's CC Finds
the different types of lips are shown in this image
LIPS by northernsiberiawinds for the sims 4
five different colored jeans with hearts drawn on them and the words streetwear jeans 90's written in white
StreetWear Jeans 90s ♡ | Valenttina Muniz The sims 4 CC