Witold Karpeta

Witold Karpeta

Witold Karpeta
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Gevurah - Print — Angelarium

The Art Of Animation, Peter Mohrbacher

Dr Grordbort's / Kel Solaar - Page 9 - CGFeedback

Sertar: The caller of the end - Evolution - LotC by Grosnez on deviantART

Artist: Unknown name aka Grosnez - Title: LotC-Sertar The caller of the end Evo - Card: Satar, Awaiting the End (Twilight)

Judgement, Kamila Szutenberg on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/judgement-9c9f882d-12e0-42ec-aa37-b89bb06fd328

Judgement by Kamila Szutenberg on ArtStation.

Contactar por Abiogenisis

A Metahuman meets the Birrin on their homeworld Chriirah. Contact by Abiogenisis

Dragon coloré

A dragon of the depths. Started long ago and finally finished! King of the Undersea

kuruna (muerte que se arrastra)

Green Dragon, Brett MacDonald on ArtStation


Blue dragon, Sandara Tang on ArtStation

World of Dragons

Martyr Logarius, Darkbeast Paarl, Shadows of Yharnam, Queen Yharnam, Rom. Some of the most challenging bosses of the game all in one amazing work of art.

I love Soulsborne art