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the free printable garden journal covers
Free Printable Journal Covers: (Garden Theme)!
two notebooks that have been altered to look like they are before and after writing
How to improve your handwriting // cursive writing // just Amazing
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some colored crayons are next to a white paper with letters and numbers on it
Each letter of the alphabet is built using multiple strokes. You’ve probably heard me say this over and over, but it’s SO important to practice those basic strokes until you have them down. The more you are comfortable with the basic strokes, the more you’ll be able to create the beautiful letters you’re hoping for. . If there’s a letter that you hate- break it into it’s basic strokes and focus on each piece of the letter. Then, bring it back together and practice that letter! .
the upper and lower letters are in cursive handwriting, which have been drawn with black ink
Book Cover - Little, Brown Book Group
Book Cover - Little, Brown Book Group on Behance
the upper and lower letters are drawn in different colors, with one letter at each end