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Teen Wolf Fandom Trash

It's always, don't touch her and although this may be shipping sciles, I prefer them as brothers/friends

Liam, Malia, Stiles

Teen Wolf - Liam, Stiles, and Malia/ Team we are hot and we DON'T know it. Yet okay the original comment on the original post was just sooooo good :D!

Or maybe he knows that Stiles annoys Derek and he just can't help but be a troll. Let's be honest--he's not uncle of the year.

Peter ships Sterek: interesting theory, but I think he's just jealous of him>>>No, he's obviously not jealous, just trying to remove the obstacles separating Stiles and Derek from a relationship of undying love.

Peter in the middle!!!

I made this Teen Wolf Boyd derek hale peter hale Scott McCall im funny jackson whittemore erica reyes isaac lahey gangnam style vernon boyd