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a person in a hooded suit spray painting a wall with a paint roller and an umbrella
eggs with faces drawn on them and an egg shell
Rockman on Twitter
Zdrowych,spokojnych,rozsądnie spędzonych Świąt Wszystkim życzę.. i pamiętajmy,że nie wszystkim jest do śmiechu ;-) pic.twitter.com/xYWOSGtcnW
two red and white chickens standing next to each other with the words water written on them
You know it's true!
Haha, never thought of it that way, but yes, it's true.
the keyboard is labeled in several different languages
45 skrótów klawiszowych ułatwiających pracę - część 3 TrybAwaryjny.pl
a cartoon character wearing a red hat and holding a wrench in his right hand
hi hi hi
an old man sitting at a desk with a hammer in his hand and the words on it
a cartoon cow is jumping in the air with words above it that read przychod, kroowaa do le
Przychodzi krowa do lekarza...
an image of a cartoon character in a stroller with the caption that says,
a red and white sign with words written on it that say biedny dzaadek
an old woman sitting in a purple chair with her legs crossed and the words bez skruptow on it
two cats fighting over each other in front of a facebook page with the caption husband and wife at home on facebook
two men standing in a kitchen with a bucket on his back and another man holding a woman's hand
49 Random Pics That Will Get You Ready For Tomorrow
49 Random Pics That Will Get You Ready For Tomorrow - Gallery
two people are laying on the beach in their bathing suits
"Black" humor photos (1)
KingPinner BobbyGinnings
there is a minion with bandages on his leg and the words in russian below it
an image of a cartoon character with words in russian and english on the bottom right hand corner