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You CAN'T NOT pin this!!!!

Bacon is a fandom, alright?<--I LOVE BACON SO LOOK MUCH! BACON IS A FANDOM!< can we start a bacon fandom?<--- i think we already did<<<officially part of the bacon fandom. <<<<<<< Totally part of the bacon fandom

What's harder than splitting an atom? Try separating two LEGOs!

Harder than Splitting an Atom. Always used a knife to start sawing into the gap. I always used my teeth Harder than Splitting an Atom Always used a knife to start sawing into the gap I always my teeth

If you've ever built your own PC, you know it can be a rewarding and cost-saving experience. But unless you're really fluent in pin counts and socket shapes, remembering which p...

Computer Hardware Chart: This is more a "photo- graphic" rather than an infographic. It's about a chart gathering the hardware ïntelligence both for computer freaks that love tuning and for new bees who wondering what the hell is in this box.

Engadget's first thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

We now know that Nintendo's next-generation game console will be the Switch, a hybrid device offering portable and home gaming in one.