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Yandere trance Karma by Demimond23 on DeviantArt [League of Legends]

Yandere trance Karma by on DeviantArt [League of Legends]

All league of legends girls except for Anivia, Rek'Sai, and I don't think Kindred is with them either. And Illaoi didn't exist yet XD

ahri akali android angel wings animal ears annie hastur areolae armor arms up ashe (league of legends) belt bird black hair blonde hair blue eyes blue hair blue skin bracer breasts brown eyes caitlyn (league of legends) cassiopeia du couteau cleava

League of Legends Print Keep Calm and Support by pharafax on Etsy

League of Legends Print: Keep Calm and Support with Sightstone Both Regular and Ruby Available. Custom Quotes Available. Physical print will arrive unframed, unmatted, and without watermark. Printed on sturdy acid free, 215 GSM, premium matte paper.