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Poses tutorial... again by Assassin-or-Shadow on @DeviantArt

Though probably not a tutorial, more like a help sheet because I'm god awful at tutorials. So this is sort a 'spiritual' continuation of this one: &nbsp.

Random Poses by Assassin-or-Shadow on DeviantArt

Continuing on from my legs tutorial I just wanted to show off several examples of how leg poses can look with the entire body aswell. Hope these help yo.

Pony Head Tutorial by Assassin-or-Shadow on DeviantArt

Not sure if this is going to be helpful but, Ta Da! Here it is, a pony head tutorial thingy. Also these are here to help you start learning to draw ponies, make sure you try to develop your own .

How I Draw Ponies by Assassin-or-Shadow on DeviantArt

A couple of you guys have asked if I could make a "How to Draw Ponies" so I thought, heck! Now I dunno if I'm the best at writing a how to, but. How I Draw Ponies