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That kiss was so wrong! It's cool now though!!

This is possibly the best Percy Jackson fan art I have ever seen. Totally makes me love Rachel more, THANK YOU! Nico is probably the best part of it.lol <-- i have a whole new view of the nico part after Hoh

Percy is again the Best! Thank the gods for Percabeth

No one beats Percy Jackson.--- percy wins the best boyfriend award for the 157272892817175243461829200283624414161710202725233 time in a row

well, THAT took me waaay longer than it should have. (For those of you still lost it's "deMigoDs" starting with the "d" in Valdez and ending with the "s" in Jackson.

I'm *laugh* dying *laugh* of laughter *laughing but off*

Reason why we should kill Octavian. Mess with percabeth and you mess with the fandom! What he did to Percy's pillow pet is NOT OK!

I love how Jason and Frank says "No" when Percy is about to answer their girlfriends, but Leo totally goes crazy. But I don't like how Percy actually said others were hot than Annabeth