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That's on every page, of every book bascily

He almost dies in every single book. please be more specific.>>>Almost every single book? He almost dies every chapter!

I honestly didn't think about that..

I honestly didn't think about that..

Taryn Knight Wampus

“We stand as one united, against the Puritans. We draw our inspiration, From good witch Morrigan. I’ve been meaning to make Ilvermorny pieces to match my Hogwarts ones for.

viria: Finally can post these babies on here! I’m getting attached, so I really tried to do them justice for Rick Riordan’s website.   PS: I’ve got so many questions asking why Alex Fierro wasn’t drawn yet, but I still have a few chapters from the first book to finish, so! Just haven’t met this character yet ;)

Blitzen, Dwarf Son of Freya - Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Viria

Or Ella, Grover, Juniper, Tyson, Rachel, the Stoll Brothers, Clarrise, or Thalia. *looks around* *shoves Octavian forward* "Here. You can have him."

If Rick touches my babies, there will be more blood spilt upon the ancient stones.<<<<I love Rick but I had too.<<<<Or Rachel. Don't kill her.