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This is so beautiful I wanna cry

Mostly random stuff like pictures I take, my rants or even just a video I found. It's nothing that special. But, it serves as a sort of date diary to me. So I hope you all like it.

#wattpad #fanfic organización más maligna de todo naruto y también hay unos muy sespis y otros muy agradables o feos Pero este es el primer akatsuki zodiaco, Espero que les guste Lo la copien Es mía >:v

The zombie combo - Hidan and Kakuzu.~ From '' Naruto (probably my life) '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

miyakuli: ““** Permission to post from their pages was granted by the artist Do not repost/edit the art without permission Please, rate and/or bookmark their works on Pixiv too ** ” Artist : (pixiv / weibo) Source ”

❤ Ciel & Sebastian ❤

Ciel and Sebastian from black butler. Anime guy sitting front facing in gothic ccool clothes front facing and another anime guy back facing turned left