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Lovely and romantic makeup look for date night, or just a casual everyday look // @Thirteen02 thirteen02.com http://www.deal-shop.com/product/neutrogena-makeup-remover/

MODERATE LENGTH, MODERATE VOLUME - multi-layered silk strip lash - Gives a fuller "fluffy" effect to the lash - silk A note about silk: - Handmade - light-weight - Durable (Up to 25 applicati ρ ι ɳƬҽ ɾ eᔕ 丅 :

Todays look – Moonrise

Moonrise - NABLA eyeshadow Moonrise, NABLA eyeshadow Madreperla, NABLA eyeshadow Lilac wonder, Too faced semi sweet chocolate bar, Kat von d Ink liner Trooper

Pinterest // @meggknott

Eggs: a fantastic medium of protein and nutrients, eggs give you silky, smooth hair. Mix two eggs and apply it on your hair or mix it with any hair oil and apply. Remember to wash it only with cool water and mild hair wash. You get silky hair that shines.

Off Black Luxy Hair Extensions added for length and thickness <3

Off Black is a beautiful black shade with a lot of warm, brown undertones throughout the set. Instantly transform your hair with Off Black clip-in Luxy Hair extensions and feel more confident with thi