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a close up of a dog on a leash
California Locals
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a puppy is sleeping in the driver's seat of a car while someone holds his foot up
via @KaufmannsPuppy
a white dog sitting on top of a boat in the water with his tongue hanging out
a dog that is sitting on a boat with its paws in the water and it's mouth open
What happiness looks like
a dog sitting in a shopping cart with its mouth open
Golden Retrievers
A sweet smile of a Golden Retriever puppy.
a small dog sitting next to a pair of shoes
australianshepherdworld I want this one the most- love this mom- I want it- I would die!!! ~~ Becky
a brown and white puppy laying on the ground
two dogs are sitting on a dock near the water and one is hugging another dog
a small brown dog wearing a hat on top of it's head and sitting on a bed
Hey that's the nice hat of the buddy...
a puppy holding a metal bowl in it's mouth while standing on a porch
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