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a wrist tattoo with the words bad vibes forever written on it
the interior of a car with an electronic device in the center and numbers on the dashboard
Odio amarte. - capítulo 4.
#wattpad #novela-juvenil ¿Qué pasa cuando te vez obligada a casarte con un completo estúpido, y más aún, cuando el hace lo mismo contigo? Lo peor es que aún amo a mi ex...
two people holding hands while standing next to each other
My daddy is my boyfriend
a shadow of a person holding a skateboard
How to cope with long distance dating
Aesthetic Grunge, Cigarette Aesthetic, Night Aesthetic, Badass Aesthetic
Tweet / Twitter
two people holding hands with a red heart in the middle
[⏯] Lovestagram ーSeungyul
a person's hand reaching up to grab something
Web Server's Default Page
a person is holding the hand of another persons leg and reaching for something with their other hand
Azka ❤ Raffa [END]
Human Silhouette, Human
E se você tivesse um filho com Tom Holland?