Victoria M
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Victoria
Sasha Unisex - Love these wolf heads. This is exactly where I would want to get my own wolf's head tattoo. :)
Make cute and easy up-cycled DIY mood lighting from old cans! Great craft inspiration for summer parties and BBQs! After poking holes in the cans, paint them to match patio furniture! Totes chic.
I love this! If you don't want clear polish/varnish then I iridescent colour is a great option.
Inspired Sunset Gradient Palm Tree Nail Art
The best part of the beaches are the palm trees! #travel I love #palmtrees Repin Please
Cute summer nails!
Absolutely Chic Summer Nail Art Designs
Acrylic nails are so pretty
Adorable black rose tattoo on shoulder
CUTE!!! Ideas for DIY Valentine's Day Gift - Printable Romantic Coupons for Him | Valentine’s Day presents for him (that he won’t hate ...