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5SOS goss game - best quote ever - Sugarscape.com. My favorite pickup line ever!!!

goss game - best quote ever - Luke is just like "I'm done with this band" Ash can't believe Mike just said that and Calum is like "ya that's a good one"

Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer

Thats me in one picture. Im Ashton standing like a soldier and not smiling when someone takes a picture and then im Calum, photobombing and last but not least, Im the guy in the back on his phone

Calum's all like "I didn't do anything, he punched me first". Luke's just like "wtf Calum, now I got a back eye from ur fight." And Michael's just like "please don't embarrass us, can u not Ashton?"

Ashton grew up without his father so he basically was a father figure to his lil' bro and keeps being like that towards our other toddlers

Dear Ashton and Harry, I'm writing you two today to inform you that...Y'ALL NEED JESUS.

This is so fracking adorable! Yes please I want a man who can watch scary movies and then turn around and cuddle me and watch chick flicks 🤗😋

Gerard Way My Chemical Romance funny. THIS IS SO TRUE THO

Gerard Way My Chemical Romance funny. THIS IS SO TRUE THO <<< my parents don't mind him, it's more the people in my class who aren't in my frenship group

I'm not crying. My eyes are just sweating.....This hits me right in the feels

“ I AM READING APOLLO FINALLY! I am really love this book I think it is the best book that uncle Rick book. Not only for Apollo ( that he is amazing x”D ), but for the aim: be strong.