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Mr. James Hetfield - Lead Singer Metallica
Ahaahah! Ashton and Calum <3 5SOS Meme <3 5 Seconds Of Summer <3 "This is why people call you Asian" LOL
5SOS goss game - best quote ever - Sugarscape.com. My favorite pickup line ever!!!
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Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer
Luke and Ash being cute little fans in Manchester today 5/30/14
Calum's all like "I didn't do anything, he punched me first". Luke's just like "wtf Calum, now I got a back eye from ur fight." And Michael's just like "please don't embarrass us, can u not Ashton?"
Dear Ashton and Harry, I'm writing you two today to inform you that...Y'ALL NEED JESUS.
Gerard, Donna (mom/Mrs.), and Mikey Way | This Photo was uploaded by mikeyway_daily
The look a lot alike when you compare them