Realistic Barbie...

a realistic Barbie.) They just need 'Crossfit Crazy Barbie', 'Selfie Barbie,' and 'Sorostitute Barbie' and they'd be good to go!

This is adorable :)

That's not Barbie. Barbie wouldn't clean her house like a normal person! She would clean her house with style or magic or a freaking Pegasus for goodness sake!

Clearly Barbie has reached her limit with Ken. I want to know who else she's killed though... The dog has a spare hand under the table...

Clearly Barbie has reached her limit with Ken. Can I just take a moment to point out the dismembered hand in the refrigerator door and the one on the floor that do not belong to Ken? Clearly Barbie has another body stashed somewhere in her dream house.

Autopsy Barbie   ⇅

duchessrattails: “ laggycreations: My art teacher says I’m playing with barbies wrong. Made this for sculpture class using a thrift store barbie, air dry clay, acrylic paint, and lots of gloss.

Barbie grey edition. 50 shadesss!

BARBIE welcome to the 50 shades era! I want this barbie Papadakos - DAiSYS & dots Trease


Photos of Barbie Dolls Doing Very Bad Things by Mariel Clayton