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Zdzisław Beksiński #darksurrealism

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Very nice work, B's have always been my favorite because of work like this, let your imagination flow as it does in this work of art.

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Una vez, estando yo entre dormido y despierto, pude ver encima de mi mesa de noche a un ser en esta misma posición, lo peor fue que me dijo algo con voz clara y grave: –"Ya regresé". Esa noche no dormí...

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Guy Denning - "Big knife or little knife. If that's the point that your mental monologue has reached then you're almost there"

trapped: a little inspiration for addiction images/choreography

Shadow People Haunt the Darkest Corners of Your Dreams

by Juha Arvid Helminen

Marilyn Kalish, 'Portrait Drawing'A 9 year old student of mine just described this "like a figure made of sand that is starting to blow away".

.the weaver....nothing will stop lifes great tapestry from being woven so let nothing prevent you from adding your stitch....Miyo Jergen (2014)