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a man holding a baby in his arms
How old is Matilda Ledger? Heath Ledger's daughter reportedly set to return to Australia to visit late father's family
a woman squatting down with a camera in front of her
A Rare Look at Heath Ledger’s Exclusive Artwork
Here’s an exclusive look at rare images of the actor’s stirring artwork and photography.
a man and woman sitting on the ground smiling
a man and woman sitting at a table with cups in front of them, both looking at each other
Candy (2006) #movie
Heath Ledger
a young man sitting on top of a bed
heath ledger on set of 10 things i hate about you
a man standing on a balcony talking on a cell phone and holding a camera to his face
Heath Ledger
a man standing on a balcony with his skateboard
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a man with his face painted as the joker is holding something up to his mouth
a man wearing sunglasses is looking at his cell phone while sitting in front of a water bottle
a young man standing in front of the ocean
a man holding a small child in his arms
a shirtless man laying in bed with his hand up to the camera and smiling
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a man in a white shirt and black tie standing next to other people at a party