Wojciech Guśtak

Wojciech Guśtak

Wojciech Guśtak
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Rpg Character Art

ArtStation - executioner, 方达 周 Pretty sure he's not a mage, but the design would be pretty great for one. I am normally not one for a moderately bland cloak design without much else to go with it, but this one is pretty cool.

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"Landing nearby, Satan screeched at the cherubim and all the rest of the elect angels readied in defensive posture. All of them stood poised, ready to jump into any fray he instigated.

Collection: Of Angels and Demons Vol. 2 by techgnotic on DeviantArt

Archive Realm of Fantasy: Of Angels and Demons Vol. 2 :iconrealm-of-fantasy: &nb. Collection: Of Angels and Demons Vol.

The Dark Lord by Areart on DeviantArt

"I hadst listen'th thy worries a lot. Tis my age, tis mine rage and neither thee not thy canst decide what-to or what-not-to-do." Irısıus said with great agne turning into shadow.

Vicente Colorados was a bandit, caught and lynched by the people of Harmony. He rises as a revenant to seek blood whenever conditions of his return are met.

Seriously dark cover art for a seriously dark weird west story - Shotgun Arcana. Art by Raymond Swanland