Gunter skateboard deck

This is cute, but unfortuneately the face would be covered by the wheels. if the artist were to move the penguin down slightly it would be awesome.

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Love the right deck, replacing the black with the water color floral pattern, the wood with white textured paper, and the stacked logo with a gold Lilly logo.

Skate Mental Plunkett T-Rex 8.25 Skateboard Deck - Free Shipping

Skateboarding is one of the most popular types of extreme sports. Skate can be used as the vehicle or as a sporting tool to perform various tricks.

Supreme Bruce Lee Skateboard

started as a skateboard driven brand, they stay true to their roots with frequent skateboard deck releases like this bruce lee collaboration

"Summer" - Skateboard Deck - Matt Chase | Design, Illustration  #skateboard #icecream #design

What a fun design! It is a very flat design and looks like it may have been done in Illustrator.

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