Best of 2012 Board Graphics Part 1

I like this design because it incorporates ideas from the star wars sega to make the skateboard look cool and different

Supreme Bruce Lee Skateboard

started as a skateboard driven brand, they stay true to their roots with frequent skateboard deck releases like this bruce lee collaboration

Batman Bat Logo Oval Skate Board Deck.  $71.95

The design of the board seems ruined since only half of the bat symbol is shown on it. You kinda need the entire symbol for the whole Batman thing.

Decks de skate personalizados - Choco la Design | Choco la Design | Design é como chocolate, deixa tudo mais gostoso.

Skate Decks by Kendrick Kidd in Showcase of Cool and Unusual Skateboard Designs

Theres something I really like about the black and white illustration on a red background. The style of the image is interesting and I like the way the ...

Check out a couple of works from Spanish illustrator, Jorge Lawerta. More images below. pic and info: Jorge Lawerta