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anamorphosis-and-isolate: “ ― The Falling Lydia: One person is really like three people. The person you think you are, the person other people see, and the person you really are.

love love love <3 Colin Firth & Lúcia Moniz - Love Actually (directed by Richard Curtis- 2003)

Aurelia: [in Portguese] I will miss you. And your very slow typing. and your very bad driving. - Colin Firth (Jamie) & Lúcia Moniz (Aurelia) - Love Actually directed by Richard Curtis

I feel like we will be Tanya when we grow up!. I hope so at least.

Christine Baranski performing "Does Your Mother Know" in Mamma Mia. The dancing doesn't really kick in until the last minute of this clip. Flanked by young guys, she dances like a mad woman.