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a drawing of a man sitting on the ground holding a baseball bat and wearing yellow shoes
The Art Showcase
3D modeling a bathroom tap
a drawing of waves and a boat in the distance with an overcast sky behind it
Braving the waves 🌊
a woman standing in front of a large piece of art that is made out of wire
Juxtapoz Magazine - "Juxtapoz Black & White" Book Profile: The Abstract Landscapes of Katy Ann Gilmore
black and white photograph of people walking in the snow
Mario De Biasi Sagrato. Milano, 1951
a drawing of a city on the moon
Daily Sketch - Moon Under Construction, George Brad
two different views of the same building
Negative Space Illustrations by Matthew Borett | Inspiration Grid
an abstract drawing with lots of cubes in the shape of a house and stairs
Labyrinthine Drawings of Interconnected Rooms by Mathew Borrett — Colossal
an oil painting of a city street at night
City Streets: Paintings by Lindsey Kustusch | Inspiration Grid
an oil painting of city street at night
Casey Baugh, "Things Happen, People Change", 2019 [2400 x 2398]