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Nine... And Mr. Flirty Pants... I mean Captain Jack Harkness but they both work.

I laugh at this part every time. Jack was talking about Rose, but the Doctor flipped it. Proof that the Doctor can be just as much of a flirt as Jack.

Rory. :D

If Doctor Who were a musical, Rory would be the one character who doesn't sing and doesn't understand why everyone else is singing. While still muttering about the insanity of the singing. Rory is Eugene Fitzherbert?

“If the Weeping Angels started a band it would be Don’t Blink-182.”

And they are even 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Doctor who funny, doctor who humor “If the Weeping Angels started a band it would be Don’t

And somehow you still running shit because you're awesome Women, we get things done

And yet she is still the biggest badass in Star Wars universe ❤️<<<<never ONCE has she been tempted by the Dark Side, either.step it up, Skywalker men, yall weak as shit.

Star Wars Memes #imgur

I always thought it was very compassionate of Leia when she didn't even mention to Luke that her home had just been blown to smithereens.