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This just looks great and adds interesting detail (this one is placed in a meeting room, but could be nice pretty much anywhere). Great use of a corner. Apartment and conference space in Warsaw by Maciej Kurkowski and Maciej Sutula

„Apartament/Sala Konfenecyjna Kredytowa” - Warszawa | Dom-wnetrze

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„Apartament/Sala Konferencyjna Kredytowa” - Warszawa

I love this break up of space - Apartment/Conference Kredytowa / Paulina Sasinowska + Maciej Kurkowski + Maciej Sutula

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Author: Maciej Kurkowski, Maciej Sutuła Location: Warsaw, Poland Total Area: 216 Volume: 842 Design: 2013 Construction: 2013 Photographs: Paulina Sasinowska, Maciej Kurkowski, Maciej Sutuła The object of design is a property in the