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Nippur Map 1400 BCE    The oldest known map ever found.

The Map of Nippur: This ancient clay tablet dates to the century BC. It shows a map of the countryside around the Mesopotamian city of Nippur, located in the middle of the southern Mesopotamia floodplain, near the modern city of Diwaniyah, Iraq.

Unfinished Eiffel tower

When the City of Paris assumed ownership of the Eiffel Tower in there were plans to have the structure dismantled. But because the Eiffel Tower served as a vital communications hub, the city ultimately decided to let it be.

"Writer and reader... who gives, who receives? Both and both.     And, this is why it is always necessary to leave open spaces in a piece of work, to trust the reader to get it, to not tell everything... the empty spaces are the handholds, footholds, by which the reader climbs into the work, inserting him or herself." - Crescent Dragonwagon

A Reader Finishes It - Samuel Johnson - This great reading poster features a vintage photo from the Library of Congress collection and a quote by Samuel Johnson: "A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.