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yes, i watch vampire diaries. no, it is not the same as twilight The Vampire Diaries came first! So Twilight doesn't even compare.

IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :,) :')

If the world was perfect it would be filled with Percy Jacksons <<< LOVE that comment, but back to the top *cries* if in Harry Potter 'the word' is "Always" in Percy Jackson 'the word' should be "Never" *cries again*

Thalia Grace :D

Thalia as Rapunzel. Rapunzel as Thalia? < I think it's Rapunzel as Thalia, because Rapunzel was the original base of the image, that has been edited to resemble Thalia :)


I loved Beckendorf. This make you think he knew he wouldn't make it back to camp that he knew he would die on this quest and he wanted one last look at Silena his last chance to see her face, her smile, his one love.

Best Underwater Kiss Ever

and it was practically the best underwater kiss of all time.<<< *sniff* *sniff* so adorable! cries from pure happiness/the adorableness<< *pretty much* the best underwater kiss of all time